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I'll be offering just one of these packages a week as it will be very time and energy heavy. I am super excited to serve you and help you access your inner power !

I have been guided intuitively to offer this bespoke service .

Perfect for anyone feeling stuck workwise or that feels they need to make a change.
We will open up your energy and get your vibration clearer and try and get you into a state of alignment with your true purpose.

I will work intuitively with you helping to remove blocks energetically and we can help you see from a higher perspective. I will do this remotely via whats app via voice tags.

Ill then hand craft a box for you to help you with your new path and provide resources for you to navigate the coming weeks. This will include oil blend, 2 essential oil candles... specially selected for your needs, crystals specific for you. Alchemy and affirmations. Specialist incense blends. Specific items chosen for you with specific energetic properties helping you to move forward in alignment with your souls wishes.

Very bespoke, professional service. I'm seeing a need for this right now as many are navigating change ..

Cost £100.00
Includes all on poster 🤍

Booking will be first come first served.

Please contact us to arrange your intuitive read